Rotary Blow Molding Machines

Tech-Long’s Generation 5 of blow molding machines is benefiting from the latest technical innovations for outstanding performances and proven reliability. It also uses the latest technology breakthrough to reduce air and electricity consumption.

Our unique range of PET blow molders can blow bottles from 0,2L till 20L for all type of PET packages:

  • CPX Blow Molders range: 0,2L till 20L
  • RJM Blow Molders range: 0,2L till 6L
  • FAST - up to 2.400 bph per cavity, and up to 81.000 bph
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - HP air recovery up to 55%; Power consumption reduced by 10-15%
  • RELIABLE - Robust design and manufacture 97% minimum efficiency
  • EXCELLENT TCO - easy access design to reduce maintenance time; Quick Mold Change


CPX Blow Molding Machines

Tech-Long’s accumulated field and engineering experience contributed to make CPX Generation 5 the best class in stretch blow molding segment.

Tech-Long developed a complete range of PET Blow Molding Machines to cover all market segments, and meet the demand for beverage and non-beverage applications.

  • CPX Series – for standard bottles
    the standard CPX range can handle bottle sizes from 0,2L to 3,0L for all beverage and non-beverage types. 
    CPX Blow Molders offer a cavity range from 2 to 26 and can blow up to 58.500 bottles per hour.

  •  CPXD Series – for large containers
    the mold carrier of the CPXD series is designed to blow large containers from 4L to 10L.
    CPXD Blow Molders offer a cavity range from 4 to 10 and can blow up to 14.000 bottles per hour.

  • CPXF / M Series – for larger / taller bottles
    The CPXF / M Series is designed to produce bottles up to 3,7L  for all beverage types.
    CPXF Blow Molders offer a cavity range from 4 to 26.

  • CPXG Series – for extra-large containers
    The CPXG Series is designed to produce containers from 10L to 20L.
    CPXG Blow Molders offer a cavity range from 4 to 6 and can blow up to 3.000 bottles per hour.

  • CPXX Series – for single serve bottles 
    The CPXX Series is designed to produce bottles of a smaller size (from 0,25L to 0,77L) for all beverage types.
    CPXX Blow Molders offer a cavity range from 4 to 36 and can blow up to 81.000 bottles per hour.

  • CPXT Series – for flat bottles 
    The CPXT Series is designed to produce asymmetric bottles based on preferential heating technology.
    CPXT Blow Molders offer a cavity range from 4 to 26 and can blow up to 52.000 bottles per hour.​​

RJM Series - Main features

The RJM-2 high-speed rotary stretch blow molder is based on an optimized structure integrating both, the preform oven and the stretch blow molding section. The RJM series blow molders by Tech-Long  are the ideal and suitable for food, drink, cosmetic, medicine etc.

  • Reduced initial investment and low maintenance
  • Easy operation parameters adjustment from the operator panel
  • Superior quality of the finished product due to the molds perfect closure system
  • Maximum level of hygiene provided by the use of entire closed blowing space
  • Great visibility of the whole production process and easy access to every part of the machine
  • Production of lightweight bottles thanks to the very precise control of the entire blowing process
  • Quick and simple mold change over due to lightweight molds with easy locating and fixing system