Blowing / Filling / Capping block

Tech-Long BFC (Blowing/Filling/Capping block) is the combination of a PET Blow Molder a Filler and a Capper combined into one block of equipement.
The Tech-Long BFC range covers any type of container from 0,2L till 20L , with any Blower of our range , as well as any Filler type.

The filler structure is fully covered and protected through filtered air Hepa Filtration System.

As the preforms enter into the blowing section trough infeed starwheel, a spray of 2-3 bar of dry, ultra clean filtered air is blown into the preform, the air and particles are extracted out to a hood with a dust extraction unit.

Bottles are transferred by starwheels holding the bottles under the neck: the transfer table is in a closed environment ensuring no bottle contamination, and is fully protected through filtered air Hepa Filtration System.

The filler table is of inclined base structure, including side wall collecting drains to evacuate residual water from the filler table.

Such combination leads to numerous advantages such as: